Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get tattooed by Ricco Diamante?

To start the process you must first go to Ricco’s website,, and submit your idea via the “Contact” link on my page. Please be very thorough when describing your ideas, body placement, and size.

I accept a new client only when they meet the required criteria. Tattoo requests will be reviewed and approved on a quarterly basis. Artistic freedom is strongly preferred. When I make the decision to take on a new client, this is because I like their artwork idea and feel that it matches my artistic style.

I am always open to inquiries on different types of artwork, regardless if it doesn't seem like my typical style. I tend to avoid doing exact reproductions of other artist's art, along with tribal art and Celtic knot art.

What happens next?

Once approved, you will be contacted to schedule an art meeting to establish a project scope and cost. A written agreement then allows your first session to be scheduled. Each new project will require a $500 (minimum) non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied towards design time, administrative costs, and includes your first hour of tattoo time. Your artwork will be made a priority until completed.

What if I have existing tattoos I need altered?

Incorporating, enhancing, or covering an existing tattoo will be considered but may not always be approved. It is required to submit a photo of your existing tattoo with your proposal for consideration.

How much does Ricco Diamante charge?

Hourly rate based on the type of ink style that you have chosen, prices for single-sitting tattoos are determined upon completion of the piece, based on the elapsed time. 

$500 minimum deposit for new work ($400 is applied to session and $100 is applied to art development and supplies.)

$200 deposit for add-on sessions of existing work.

  • $200 per hour for tattoo time
  • 6-8 hour sessions preferred. 4 hour minimum.

My hourly tattoo rate and deposit fee increase is necessary to provide you with personalized art, a professional tattoo studio atmosphere, and the quality customer service you've come to expect and will experience at Diamante Tattoo.

Often times, prices for multi session tattoos are determined on a sitting-by-sitting basis. This ensures the quality of the work, and that neither the client nor myself gets locked into a predetermined price that is no longer accurate by the end.

How much of a deposit does Ricco Diamante require?

I do not create the artwork for tattoo designs until I have made the decision to take you on as a client, and you have paid the deposit in order to show your commitment to this project. When I accept a new client, a $500 (minimum) deposit is required. Of this deposit, there is a $180 non-refundable design fee that is necessary in order to schedule an art meeting. The remaining $180 (minimum) will go towards your first hour of your session. Size of tattoo, placement on the body, and estimated budget will be considered during the scheduled art meeting.

Why haven’t I heard back from the form I previously submitted?

If you have previously submitted a form and I have not replied, please resubmit the Tattoo Request page. When I schedule appointments, current clients receive first priority, and a select number of new clients are scheduled as time allows. I cannot guarantee future tattoos for returning clients or pinpoint waiting times for new clients who have submitted a request form. I review all tattoo request quarterly and select new projects according to session time I have available. I do have a waiting list that I offer to both existing and new clients in hopes of fitting them in sooner once I have agreed to take on their project.

IMPORTANT - Tattoo art is not guaranteed by submitting a request form. Filling out a request form does not put you on a wait list. Requests are reviewed quarterly and approved based on idea creativity or openness to artistic freedom. I only email you back if I'm inviting you to make a reservation with a paid deposit. You are welcomed to resubmit a form each quarter if your project has not yet been selected.